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Mech Electrics is a Recruitment Company set up from scratch in 2007 by Angus Eddowes. Angus had previously recruited for three of the UK’s leading recruitment companies and called upon his experiences to date to go it alone and press on with a recruitment company built on open, honest, transparent recruitment that has allowed the company to survive the global recession and forge some excellent relationships with a great number of industry leading companies.

The concept behind Mech Electrics is simple, utilise the experience to date, the network of both candidate and client and seek to supply some of the best candidates. We have always aimed to build long and lasting partnerships with clients and have the testimonials to prove that not only do we recruit well on the first occasion, we also continue to recruit on an ongoing basis.

Paul Kay - Building Services & Design Director

I have used Mech Electrics as both a client and an employer and have been equally happy with both. As an employer they take the time to fully understand our requirements, listening carefully to our brief and asking intelligent, relevant questions which mean they know exactly what we are looking for in a candidate. They have repeatedly provided us with a strong field of interviewees which has resulted in us making a number of very successful appointments.

We generally take a brief of the candidate that is needed, we also look at the company, the teams in place, the type of project and the resources around the vacancy. Some engineers have the luxury of a team of qs’s, buyers, senior project managers, whilst in other companies the engineers may well be on their own, we understand this, we have the knowledge of the organisations and we aim to fill positions with candidates who then last the duration and make a difference.

We headhunt, we can run advertising campaigns, we utilise our networking skills, seek referrals from people we know on site and in offices and really believe we leave no stone left unturned when recruiting, we enjoy the challenge of difficult roles, whether it be location, type of project to hand, or indeed recruiting hard to find candidates, such as planners and commissioning engineers!

People we have recruited become recruiters, a key indicator that we must be doing our job well, we keep in contact with massive numbers of people and they in turn are happy to keep us informed of vacancies that they want us to fill –

Paul Silvester - Operations Director

I have known Angus for over a decade, he helped me originally secure a new role and we have remained in contact ever since and more recently in my current role as Operations Director I have asked Angus to help supply us with quality engineering staff. Angus is always available to discuss requirements, his industry knowledge is extremely strong, he understands what we require for our type of business and generally comes up with extremely relevant options. I will continue to use Angus and Mech Electrics as I know they can add value to our business.

Mech Electrics recruits for the following sectors Nationwide:

Building Services



Aviation Recruitment

Energy and renewables

Wind Farms

Facilities management

Site labour

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