Mech Electrics | Specialist recruitment agency for Building Services
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Welcome to Mech Electrics

I'd like to say we're normal, knowledgeable recruitment folk who especially like recruiting in the building services industry first and foremost. We can help you if you are a project supervisor, a plumber, an estimator or quantity surveyor, a project manager, an engineer, or we can pull out all the stops that our excellent network offers and work with senior management and national level senior appointments.

We like to headhunt, we like to meet and greet with people, we love visiting sites and seeing how buildings are put together, we read the papers, the industry publications and love a little tweeting now and again, it helps us get over to you that we mean business come recruitment, we live, breathe and eat the stuff and day after day keep on coming back for more.

We had our seventh birthday in April 2014, we've lived right through the recession, we've helped write CVs, counselled many, many individuals who have been made redundant and worked extremely hard to find whatever roles have been available to always ensure we are the recruitment agency that is known to network and secure a wide range of roles, offering people not only the chance of employment, but also the opportunity for a promotion, a better opportunity, or an exciting project and the chance to develop new skills and continue to be a part of this fantastic aspect of construction, bricks and sticks we ain't: pipes and wires we are.

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Why choose us

What makes us different?


Collectively we’ve 17 years experience of recruitment and most of it is within Building Services! We don’t suggest we can place everyone who calls, but we believe when we place people we do it well and those who we can’t help immediately are registered and given a full understanding of what we do, if you don’t register we won’t know you or get to know you as you’re not giving us a chance!
To us it’s more than just finding someone a new job, or a better salary, it’s about finding a career, or career progression, satisfying what you as an employee want from your next role and being able to be a part of your career progression.
We’re confidential, we’re discreet and we realise people have former colleagues all over the industry! We send CV’s to vacancies that we first and foremost discuss with you, we never scatter cv’s, we just don’t do speculative, it’s just not the way to recruit successfully.


It’s all in the preparation!
If you’re a client, we need to understand the vacancy, the job description, the benefits offered by the company, how it’s structured, what opportunities can be offered to aid someone’s long term career aspirations. With this information to hand we can short list relevant people which results in you meeting people who can do the job, reducing your time spent interviewing and allowing candidates to just attend the interviews that are equally relevant to them.
We know candidates can be daunted by CV preparation and presentation, questions are often how many pages, how far back should I go, what is relevant to include or leave out, our experience can give you a clear insight into what’s important and what will make your cv stand out. We help with interview preparation, we all get nervous at interviews, it’s putting a strategy in place prior to the meeting that will allow you to relax and perform as well as possible.


We’re proud to be in business and believe we have solid respect from both clients within our industry and the candidates that we’ve helped place over the years.
Clients trust us with their recruitment needs, to help appoint people to manage in many cases multimillion pound projects, to discover new work streams to allow their businesses to grow.
We understand that not all candidates will get placed on their first interview so we are here to keep on going and show commitment to keep focused on helping further opportunities, we’ve candidates whose careers we’ve helped shape over the past decade and then some, this commitment to help people is continual, it becomes a rewarding challenge to find roles that are suitable and to keep on going till the job of recruitment is done, so often people apply for a role, get shortlisted, maybe even have an interview and then hear nothing, it’s bad manners, it’s unprofessional and it’s something you’ll never encounter at Mech Electrics.


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